What we are up to…

As readers this week, we will begin working with a new book club team to come up with topic for our Narrative Non-Fiction writing piece. We will read and study an assortment of books the topic of our choice. Then we will decide on a research job for each of our group members and practice reading and writing like an expert. Finally, we will practice synthesizing (or sharing) the information we each read about.  All of the information we gather about the topic will be incorporated into our Narrative Non-Fiction books.  

As writers this week, we will head into the planning around our topic in preparation for writing Literary Nonfiction books.  Your child has chosen a topic of interest that they already have a little background knowledge of and will do research to find out more.  We will also use mentor authors to guide us in our decisions as writers in planning how we want our books to go!  Ask your child about the topic they have chosen for their book…  

As mathematicians move forward this week they will begin to work with number lines that have endpoints other than 0 and 1. Then, Students will gain an understanding that a fraction must be the same size but may not always have the same shape.

Students will begin talking about and sharing their ideas for taking action. After learning about different endangered animals, we’ve learned a lot of different environmental changes. Students will now develop an action plan. 

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