What we are up to this week…

This week, readers are starting a new reading unit, all about mysteries. They will read to identify a mystery and the mystery solvers, identify clues as to how to solve the mystery, and work out who could be suspects and why.  

As writers this week we will focus our attention towards revising, editing and publishing in preparation of sharing our books with others!

Mathematicians will work to find different possible perimeters or areas for rectangles based on information given about the rectangles. They will also:

  1. Construct rectangles from a given number of unit squares and determine the perimeters 
  2. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed from a given number of unit squares. 
  3. Construct rectangles with a given perimeter using unit squares and determine their areas. 
  4. Use a line plot to record the number of rectangles constructed. 

We will begin our final unit, how we express ourselves. This unit will focus on student interests and allow time for students to research and learn more about their passions. Our central idea and lines of inquiry for this unit are…

An inquiry cycle helps us explore our interests to share with others.

  • 1. There are diverse ways of self-expression
    2. An inquiry cycle supports our exploration
    3. Many strategies can help represent and enhance meaning
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