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Goodbye, KB Friends!

We had such a wonderful time celebrating our learning and friendship at our end of the year water party. Bubbles, slides, pools, fishing, beach balls and more!

I am truly thankful for the excellent year we shared together, KB Friends and Family. I am truly lucky to be given the opportunity watch you grow and flourish this year. Have a wonderful summer, KB Kids!!!

Much Love,

~Mrs. Edwards

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We will miss you, KB Friends!

We are so sad that so many of our KB Friends will be moving to another country after school is dismissed! Six of our KB Friends have new adventures in store with their families. Today they were given a special “SIS Gecko” To remember us by, and tomorrow we will sign their geckos. Mrs. Edwards will also present them with a special memory photo so they won’t ever forget the time we shared together.

Good luck in all our journeys:  Alessandro, Coco, Daniel, Katrina, Bonnie and Aaron. You will be greatly missed!!! We will keep in touch!

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Donuts for Dad!

We had so much fun having our daddies bring us to school on Friday. We got to go read with them in the library, read them our “Super Dad” books we made for them as gifts and eat delicious donuts before they had to go off to work.

Thanks for those dads who were able to make it, we loved sharing the morning with you!

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KB Friends are Little Fish!

We had our first swim lesson in P.E! Mr. B taught us all about the importance of water safety and we practiced swimming strokes, floating and blowing bubbles under the water. We really enjoyed our first swim lesson, thank you, Mr. B and all the parents who helped out!


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Pretty Persuasive Kids!

As writers, we know that not only can we share our thoughts and feelings, write creative stories and non-fiction books, we can also help to CHANGE the world we live in with our writing.

It was a great way to celebrate our writing unit by truly putting our writing out “into the world.” We had a fabulous time hanging up posters around SIS to help remind students to stay safe by following the rules and to remember to be a good friend and not to litter around the campus.

We also wrote letters to our specialist teachers, persuading them to teach us specific topics. Mrs. Livingston admitted to me that because of our writing, she is now under much pressure to not to forget to purchase more Minecraft, Lego, Ninja, and Non-Fiction books for the library next year!

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Mrs. Edwards’ Little Monkey’s at the Zoo!

We couldn’t have dreamed for a more beautiful day than we had at the Shenzhen Zoo. We loved exploring the to explore the four topics we have been learning about in our Animal Unit, including:

Life cycle: We found baby monkeys swinging with their mothers!

Feeding Habits: We watched giraffes eating leaves!

Special Body Parts: crocodile teeth, elephant trunks, bird’s wings, cheetah’s spots….we noticed LOTS of cool body parts on animals!

Habitat: Although the animals weren’t in their natural habitat, we did notice that the zoo did their best to make them feel like they were.

Thank you, KB Parents for all of your help on this spectacularly successful field trip!

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Animal Research Project Party Coming Up!

It’s been a very busy week in KB! We’ve been working hard to finalize our animal research projects and today we practiced presenting our projects with our friends. After some practice, Ms. May started recording us present our projects individually.




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Last Call for Library!

Dear KB Parents,

Today was our last day of the school year for library check out. Normally our book schedule is on Day 4, but because of the previous schedule change with the zoo field trip, we went today. Most kids remembered their books, but if your child forgot to bring their books, they are more than welcome to bring them tomorrow and I will send a small group of children with Ms. May to check out new books for the last time tomorrow.

We will still attend the Library for lessons and reading time with Mrs. Livingston until the end of the year, but it’s time for Mrs. Besonia and Mrs. Livingston to begin their annual inventory of over 33,000 books! So please, if you have any lost or overdue books, start looking now, as your child must have their books returned or paid for before the last day of school.

Just see the pictures to witness how much we enjoy our library time with the lovely Mrs. Livingston. We really appreciate the hard work she puts in to her lessons with us!


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Super Spellers!

We have moved on to our 2nd round of “Snap Words” in the Heidi Song series, KB Parents! We are learning to spell all of our color words correctly and more! Not only are we spelling words correctly, we are also practicing our penmanship! Beautiful! For more information, go to www.heidisongs.com


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We are OPINION Writers!

In writing workshop today, we talked about many problems in our lives. Like, it’s always a problem for Mrs. Edwards when she says “clean up time” and then she looks around and there are markers, crayons and glue still on the carpet. And it’s always a problem when we go to the library to check out Minecraft books and they are all gone! And sometimes, on the playground, kids aren’t playing nicely with each other.  🙁

But-  today we learned something really remarkable. Instead of just worrying about those problems:  We can WRITE OUR PROBLEMS AWAY! 

That’s right! In our new writing unit, Persuasive Writing, we will learn that we can change the world by our writing. We will use posters, letters, signs and even digital media to help make the world a better place. Mrs. Edwards was so impressed by the energy our students had in only Day 1 of this writing unit!

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