Cultural Universals

Grade 5 students will be starting our first social studies unit in the coming weeks, Civilizations. To kick start our exploration into what caused civilizations to form, what makes them successful and what leads to failure, all grade 5 students came together to explore and learn about cultural universals. The cultural universals are an element, pattern, trait or institution that is found across all cultures, even dating back to mankind’s first true civilizations. Using the e-space’s idea paint, they brainstormed examples for the cultural universals that they are familiar with.

Students continued to build on their understanding, and to find examples of the cultural universals during our field trip on Thursday to the Shenzhen Museum of History. Students collected pictures as examples of the cultural universals of Shenzhen, with a focus on how the cultural universals have changed throughout time, as well as what factors have caused the change.

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