Happy Halloween!

Students came to school today excited to share their costumes and see what others had dressed up as. Our school was transformed into quite the Halloween extravaganza and 5C’s room was no exception. Students entered a dark room, where we explored the history of Halloween, and the transformation to the costume and kid friendly Halloween we celebrate today.

In writing, students used Halloween to inspire them to write a poem. Students used a variety of types of poems to share their piece. They will be publishing their poem on their blog.

In math this week, we started our geometry unit, just in time for us to create spooky tessellations, which used Halloween images, or colors. We will also be posting these creations on our blogs.Below are pictures of us working on our poems and tessellations.

We had a fantastic Halloween, thanks to the PSA and Halloween committee. The Gecko Theater was transformed into a spooktacular space. We also had 4 fun activities that we got to partake in. Below are some pictures.


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