Welcome back!

In math, we started our new unit, fractions. Students have been working on representing numbers greater than one as mixed numbers and improper fractions. Students used our geometry blocks to create a picture, and find the amount of shapes in their picture. Please be sure to check out the bulletin board outside our classroom to see your child’s work. 20150109-130219.jpg

In science, we started our new unit, Mixtures and Solutions. Students have have conducted a few experiments to deepen their understanding of mixtures and solutions. In the picture below, the students tried to separate the different mixtures that they had created.


In writing, we have begun to start our work on our autobiographies again. Students started to generate stories for the three most important traits that tell who they are.


We were also lucky enough to meet with our reading buddies this week. We had the opportunity to share about our breaks. Since we had written a blog post about our break, we shared our blog posts with our buddies.


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