Apples to People

This morning, 5A had our first guidance class since the new year. Mr. Bywater and Mrs. Madonna both came in to do an activity with us.

The activity started off with Mr. Bywater handing out apples to groups. Without making any markings, they were to study their apples to get to know them as well as they could. Students started taking notes about what they noticed about their apples; bruises, cuts, colors, etc… After 3 minutes, Mr. Bywater collected the apples and mixed them up. The teams then were challenged to find the same apple they had before, and justify how they knew it was their apple. All the groups were able to identify their apple from their earlier observations.

Next, Mr. Bywater took the apples and went out of the classroom. He came back with one apple in his hand, that he had cut. He asked the students if they could identify if it was their apple. After some debate, we agreed that we could not identify the apple now.

Next, students were asked to compare how we are similar to apples, which led to the idea that while we are all different on the outside, we have similarities on the inside. For example, some students noted that we all have thoughts and feelings. This lead us to talking about how we can be aware of other’s feelings to help make them feel better. 

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