International Culture Day

Thank you parents and students for making our day special! Below are pictures of the students enjoying the games they brought in from their home countries.

ECC Buddy Project

We were fortunate enough to be asked by the Curious Monkeys in ECC1 to help them write poems about the photos that they have been taking.

We met with the Curious Monkeys with a list of questions that we had come up with to interview them about their picture. We will use their answers to help us craft a poem about their picture.

Below are pictures of us working with the Curious Monkeys:


Last week, students were tasked with the focus question:

“What are some possible solids we could find outside that would make a solution if we added water?” The students brainstormed in their science groups about some possibilities and then had a chance to find the solids.

Today, we continued our exploration about solutions, as our focus question was:

“How can we test if our solids we found outside form a solution?”

Using their background knowledge about mixtures and solutions, the students planned with their groups the steps that they would take to test their solutions.

Next, the students wrote a hypothesis, stating what they thought would be the outcome and why.

Lastly, the students conducted their experiements, using the steps that they created with their groups. They made note to make observations and keep evidence throughout their experiment.

Below are some pictures of their investigations today!

Student Led Conferences

Thank you parents for coming in to share and celebrate with your child about their growth this year! It really is amazing to see all the student’s growth throughout the year. Each child should be very proud of their efforts put forth throughout the year and today was a fine testament to this fact.

MAP Testing Starts Next Week

MAP testing will start next week. 5A’s testing dates are:

  • Wednesday, May 10th
  • Thursday, May 11th
  • Friday, May 12th

Your child will be using their own iPad for these tests this time. Please make sure that they come to school with their iPad fully charged. Please also make sure that they get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast.