We’re a Rafter of Thankful Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!

The great thing about Thanksgiving, is that everyone can take something away from the message, “Be thankful for what you have.” As learners, we are constantly reflecting about our learning, but today, we reflected about what we are grateful for. Students did this by creating their “thankful turkey.” On each of the feathers, they wrote something that they are thankful for, and explained why they are thankful. The students will be taking a picture of their turkey, and making a blog post to explain the activity and what they are appreciative of. We also will be putting our rafter of turkeys on the bulletin board outside our room. Please be sure to check out our turkeys!

*A rafter is a group of turkeys*

Thankful Turkeys


Happy Halloween!

Students came to school today excited to share their costumes and see what others had dressed up as. Our school was transformed into quite the Halloween extravaganza and 5C’s room was no exception. Students entered a dark room, where we explored the history of Halloween, and the transformation to the costume and kid friendly Halloween we celebrate today.

In writing, students used Halloween to inspire them to write a poem. Students used a variety of types of poems to share their piece. They will be publishing their poem on their blog.

In math this week, we started our geometry unit, just in time for us to create spooky tessellations, which used Halloween images, or colors. We will also be posting these creations on our blogs.Below are pictures of us working on our poems and tessellations.

We had a fantastic Halloween, thanks to the PSA and Halloween committee. The Gecko Theater was transformed into a spooktacular space. We also had 4 fun activities that we got to partake in. Below are some pictures.


Superb Student Led Conferences

Thank you all for coming to support your child in sharing and celebrating their learning throughout the year. Every student did a fantastic job showcasing their learning and organizing their thoughts clearly to ensure effective communication. As a teacher, I am very lucky to have so many students who are always eager to learn and expand their knowledge. Their stellar independent learning skills shined during their conferences. I can also genuinely say that every single child in the 5C is so fortunate to have parents who are supportive and engaged in their child’s learning, and there is no better example for this, than today. Thank you students for your hard work today students, and thank you parents for your support.

Wacky Wednesday

Math in the morning? Desks facing outward? Students teaching lessons? Hair of all colors and shapes of all sizes? It was truly a wacky day, and what a way to celebrate a writing by an author that has changed how we think about reading. Our day was inspired by the book Wacky Wednesday which was written by Theo. LeSieg, better known as Dr. Seuss. Neither of those names are his given name though, they are his pen names. Do you know what his real name is? 

Here is part of 5C, starting off our morning with a wacky picture. What was the wackiest part of your day?

Mystery Monday

Today, “Mystery Monday” began our amazing Book Week organized and presented by a bevy of people led by our amazing librarian, Mrs. Livingston.  The students from K-5 were asked to use clues to discover and name numerous book characters that were “hidden” in our gardens, sports’ field, library and other areas.  The characters played their parts so well that we were able to identify them quickly.  Rapunzel in her tower was the hardest to see from a distance, but we knew we found her when her warm wave welcomed us.  Ahab was the most difficult as Moby decided to take a swim in the  bay by our high school for the morning.  Our class is excited about the events that are coming the rest of the week.