5th Grade Assembly

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Today was the big day! 5th grade has been working hard over the last 2 weeks to put together the first assembly of the year…and it was a huge success. Students worked to show how SIS is full of complex thinkers. They created a song, a poem and two skits to demonstrate how complex thinking […]

Assembly Practice

5th grade students have been hard at work this week preparing for the first assembly of the year. One of the things that makes the 5th grade assembly special every year is that it is completely student created. Our ESLR focus this month is complex thinkers, and the 5th grade students decided to create a poem, skit and song to show how they are complex thinkers.

Mark your calendars! The assembly is on Wednesday, September 14th from 2:10 to 2:55 in the SPAH.


Amazing Race

10 teams, 10 activities and 70 minutes. Thank you for those of your who helped make this event successful! Attached are pictures from the roller coaster challenge.

AMPed Festival

What a day! Students have been hard at work over the past several months working on their AMPed projects, and today was the day they finally got to share their snapshot of learning with other students, parents and teachers. It was wonderful seeing such a wide variety of projects, and hearing the conversations between learners about their projects. I hope that you all find a way to continue to work on your projects over summer, and continue to be apart of the solutions of the problems around you.

Lantau Reflection

After our exciting, engaging and tiring trip to Lantau, the students took some time to reflect about the different activities, and think about what they learned from each activity. After walking around and reading their responses, I loved how there was a balance between environmental awareness, biological knowledge and life lessons. Even though we hope that the students come away with a better understanding of their role in the world, we also love to see them make the connections with the ESLRs and their importance in guiding the decisions we make.PhotoGrid_1462330514677