Civilizations Presentations

Over the past month, 5a students have been hard at work becoming experts on ancient civilizations so that they could help a group of nomads set up their very own settlement. By using the cultural universals (the necessities for successful civilization) students gathered facts, and began to pull out their ideas to share with the nomads about how to set up their civilization. One of the reasons this project forces students to use complex thinking skills is because students cannot just regurgitate information, but instead have to analyze and evaluate the information they learned.

Your child will be coming home today or Friday with a checklist to help them evaluate their presentation skills. Please feel free to help them by letting them practice in front of you, and by giving them feedback. Below are pictures of the students practicing for their presentations, which will take place on Monday and Tuesday.


Reading Buddies

5A students worked hard this week putting together a Halloween book for their reading buddy. These books were special, because they already had the pictures, but no words. Using our understanding of stories, students had to look at the picture to create a realistic story that went with the pictures. This worked perfectly for our reading buddies, as they are currently studying how plots in fiction stories are organized. 5A also was able to learn about dialogue, and how to vary our dialogue to keep our stories interesting.

When we met with our buddies today, we first read our stories with them, and tried to help them pull out the problem and solution in the story. Then we gave our books to our buddies as a gift.

IMG_1400 IMG_1401

Writing Buddies

Today, 5A students had a special opportunity to work with 2A learners to improve their writing. Since we just finished our small moment/narrative unit and 2nd grade is currently working on their small moment stories, 5A students were able to share their stories with their buddies, and help them add details to the heart of their story. We ended the activity with 5A students sharing a sentence or two that their buddies added to their writing.

photoGridImage 2

Reading Buddies

On Friday, 5A students met with their reading buddies from 2C. Each 5A student was paired with a “buddy” from 2C. As we continue to meet throughout the year, they be with the same partner, as it serves as a way for them to continue to feel more comfortable with each other, and our 5A students can get to know their buddies reading needs as the year moves on.

With Halloween coming in the near future, buddies had a Halloween activity they completed after reading together. The students created monster bookmarks with their buddies. They rolled a die to see which monster part to draw on their bookmark.

Subtraction Target Practice

Students have been practicing using multiple strategies to add and subtract multi-digit numbers. Today, students played “subtraction target practice.” The game is played in pairs and starts at 20. The first player flips two cards (0 -9), and using a counter as decimal, makes a number out of the two cards. For example, flipping 2 and 6, the student could make 6.2 or 2.6. Whichever they make, they subtract from 20. Their partner then flips 2 cards and makes a number, and subtracts it from the previous number. The player to get closes to 0 without going under 0 wins. IMG_1252

Assembly Preparation

The 5th grade assembly practice is under way! Students have been busy brainstorming how they are going to demonstrate how we collaborate to the SIS community. One of the things that is very special about the 5th grade assembly, is that the students play the main role in preparing and creating it. From writing the script together, to planning the acts that they will do. Below are some pictures of the students in action, as they prepare for the big show, this Friday at 2:10PM in the SPAH. IMG_1201

Find Someone Who

To review math concepts that students have learned, they completed a “Find someone who” activity today. Students had to find other students who could explain and/or give examples to certain vocabulary or concepts. By teaching others students different concepts and vocabulary words, they mastered the math ideas even more proficiently. The whiteboard tables are also a hit, as the students love being able to write and draw their ideas to help clearly communicate their thinking. IMG_1131

Final Reading Buddies

This week, we met with our reading buddies one last time. We use this to reflect on the reasons we thought that reading buddies were important. Together, we brainstormed different ways that reading buddies have helped us grow as learners. Then, with our buddies, we typed a blog post. IMG_1048