Earth Week – Motivation Monday

Earth week here and we kicked it off with “Motivational Monday.” STUCO made a video to raise awareness about our impact on the environment, and to inspire us to try to make change.

5C rose to the occasion, by turning off the lights today, and trying to make it through the day without our air conditioning. The lights proved to be easy to adjust to, but by about 1:30 PM, we had to turn the air on, because it was hot and still in the room. But, from now on, we will try to make a conscious effort every day to lessen our footprint on the environment.

We also tried to help clean our school environment, by picking up trash after recess at the sports field, playground and secret garden. All the students helped tremendously in keeping our school clean, and it served as a good reminder how easily our Earth can get trashed.

To end the day, each student shared a word that described the day to them. We put them together, and created our Tagxedo below.

Motivation Monday

Lantau Reflection

After an exciting two days on Lantau island, students came together on Friday to reflect with their peers about their exciting trip. Since we model the ESLRs daily at school, students were tasked with coming up with examples for how they exhibited the ESLRs during the trip. This reflection is a great way for the students to realize that even when they weren’t learning about our impact on the environment, they were learning about being model citizens. Especially since we stay at a camp, students are expected to complete chores that they may not normally face at home, such as making beds, cleaning trays, deciding who sleeps where, etc.

Below are are of the students working on their posters, and a video from our trip. Be sure to talk with your child about the trip, to see how they think they exhibited the ESLRs.

Movers and Shakers Script

Students worked hard researching to become experts about the Mover and Shaker that they will be making a video as. Students researched from a variety of medias, using books, websites and videos to improve their understanding.

Students then began to take their knowledge and understanding about their Mover and Shaker, and plan an interview to pull out the important information. Students studied different ways to ask questions, so that they are powerful and meaningful. They then used their compelling questions to guide the conversations in their scripts.

Please be sure to have your child share their script with you, as they did a phenomenal job synthesizing the information from their research, and creating interesting, accurate and verbose scripts.

Below are some pictures of our activity.


Note Taking

5C students chose a Mover and Shaker that they wanted to become an expert about. They will use their knowledge to create an interview to show how and why their person is/was a Mover and Shaker.

In order to become an expert, students must research to gather information. Ms. Blase helped generate strategies to take notes and paraphrase information, so that they best understand what they read, and are not plagiarizing. Students worked together on paragraphs about Harriet Tubman to practice the strategies. Below are pictures of them in action.


Movers and Shakers

One of the essential questions for our Movers and Shakers unit is, “How might political and social environments impact individuals, groups or institutions?” To help dive into this, students spent a few days focusing on the different kinds of governments and the negative and positive aspects of each, with the end goal being to understand how governments effect people. Students split into four groups, with each group receiving a type of government that they had to research. Groups had to explain their government, find examples of the type of government around the world and synthesize how the types of governments effect people. After they had researched and created their poster, each group shared with the class. Below are some pictures of the groups researching and preparing for their presentation.

Finish First

This week, students have been collecting and analyzing data, as well as exploring different ways that data can be organized. One way that students continued to deepen their understanding was by playing a game called Finish First. Students played Finish First 15 minutes each day this week, collecting data in a frequency table about how many times the player who went 1st and the player who went 2nd won. Their goal in collecting the data was to analyze the data to see if it was a fair game. After 1,407 games this week, it was evident that Finish First is not a fair game. Through the week, the player that went 2nd, won 985 times, while the player that went 1st only won 422 times. Below are pictures of the students playing and collecting data.
After coming to the conclusion that Finish First was not fair, students brainstormed how they could make the game fair by changing 1 rule. Most students either changed the target number, or increased the number of cards players could use. Students briefly tested their new game to see if it was fair, with most students coming back with a fair game. Although, we all agreed that if we could have played more games, we would have more accurate data. PhotoGrid_1423200853002

Publishing Party

5th Grade students have been hard at work, writing their autobiographies, and today, we shared them with parents and peers! Thank you all that came, read our stories and gave us stars. Below are some pictures of our publishing party.

IMG_0866 IMG_0877

Walk About for Autobiographies

This morning, Grade 5 students conducted a walk about to share and improve our autobiographies in writing. Students had two tasks, to use their expertise in autobiographical writing to help improve other students’ writing, and to pick up ideas to add to their own.

Students gave feedback and compliments in the form of stars and wishes, where they focused on being positive and specific.

Below are some pictures of the walk about.PhotoGrid_1422405082936