One of the key concepts in our current math unit is converting between fractions, decimals and percents. Students have learned multiple strategies to help them convert easily, and one way that they practiced these strategies was by playing Frac-Tac-Toe.

In Frac-Tac-Toe, players have two piles of cards, the top represents the numerator, and the bottom the denominator. When it is a student’s turn, they flip both cards, to create a fraction. They then match their fraction to one of the corresponding decimals or percents on their board. First student to get three in a row wins.


Problem Solving Hour

Our Student Council sponsored an event on Friday to support critical and creative thinking. Grade 5 chose to randomly mix our three classes into groups of three, give them each a bucket of various materials, and see what they could create collaboratively! The directions were very opened ended. The only requirement was to have a goal to reach in terms of the end product. We had groups that made robots, another made a playground, and one made an automatic baby food feeder complete with written instructions and a video demonstrating how to use it. The conversations throughout the hour were focused on helping each other and sharing the vision. We’ve saved the creations and are pondering how we might use them in another collaboration.IMG_0854

Welcome back!

In math, we started our new unit, fractions. Students have been working on representing numbers greater than one as mixed numbers and improper fractions. Students used our geometry blocks to create a picture, and find the amount of shapes in their picture. Please be sure to check out the bulletin board outside our classroom to see your child’s work. 20150109-130219.jpg

In science, we started our new unit, Mixtures and Solutions. Students have have conducted a few experiments to deepen their understanding of mixtures and solutions. In the picture below, the students tried to separate the different mixtures that they had created.


In writing, we have begun to start our work on our autobiographies again. Students started to generate stories for the three most important traits that tell who they are.


We were also lucky enough to meet with our reading buddies this week. We had the opportunity to share about our breaks. Since we had written a blog post about our break, we shared our blog posts with our buddies.


AMPed Hour

After a busy week of researching, making our presentations, practicing and presenting, 5C students finally got a chance to get started in their first AMPed hour day of projects. Students have spent the last few weeks getting ready, thinking of ideas for their projects. Today, they created videos documenting the beginning of their project. They touched on the following questions:

  • Why did you choose your project?
  • What do you hope to learn from your project?
  • What do you think will be the hardest part about your project?

The students will be posting their videos to their blog over the next week, and the blog will continue to be the place where they frequently reflect about their project, their successes and their struggles. Please be sure to continue to check on our students’ blogs and their progress as the projects continue.

Below is a collage of the students working their videos, and some who had a chance to start their projects. Most are in the research phase. photoGridImage


We’re a Rafter of Thankful Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!

The great thing about Thanksgiving, is that everyone can take something away from the message, “Be thankful for what you have.” As learners, we are constantly reflecting about our learning, but today, we reflected about what we are grateful for. Students did this by creating their “thankful turkey.” On each of the feathers, they wrote something that they are thankful for, and explained why they are thankful. The students will be taking a picture of their turkey, and making a blog post to explain the activity and what they are appreciative of. We also will be putting our rafter of turkeys on the bulletin board outside our room. Please be sure to check out our turkeys!

*A rafter is a group of turkeys*

Thankful Turkeys


Map Adventures with our Reading Buddies

Today, reading buddies across the Elementary school met with their buddies in celebration of Book Week. Both classes had created their own dots for the day, as well as dots to give their buddies. Students exchanged dots, and explained why they designed their dot the way they did. The dots had messages about buddies, or reading.

After exchanging dots, students worked together to label a map of China, since second grade is studying China in class. The students had a checklist of physical and political features to add to their map. The buddies worked together, using multiple resources to help label their maps. Below are pictures of them in action!

Read to Feed with Heifer International

Dear Parents!

SIS is supporting an organization called Heifer International. Heifer works to fight world hunger and poverty by educating and supporting farmers in sustainable farming practices. Heifer International has many projects in China.

We are joining the Read to Feed program of Heifer International. In the Read to Feed program, students are able to raise money from family and friends who wish to sponsor them. Sponsors decide how to donate money (a donation for each book read by the student or through a one time donation).

Students will bring home forms and information on Wednesday, November 26.  During the next two weeks, the students read, read, and read!

Students should collect money from their sponsors before December 9 and hand in the money on Wednesday, December 10.

The money will be donated to Heifer International and Heifer will train villagers in how to keep the animals and buy animals with the money we raised for people who live in poverty.  SIS will decide what type of animal(s) we can buy with the money we raise!  Heifer gives goats, chickens, pigs, and cows to farmers and educates them on good farming practices.

Here are some website links to learn more about Heifer International! (this site is about Read to Feed and has a video)

Attached are some pictures to help you see the steps students take to help raise money to buy farm animals to be donated to people in need.

Thank you for your support!


학부모님 안녕하세요?

SIS는 하이퍼 인터내셔널(Heifer International)이라는 기구를 지원하고 있습니다.
하이퍼는 농부들에게 지속적으로 농장 운영을 할 수 있도록 교육, 지원함으로써 세계 기아 문제, 빈곤 문제에 맞서 활동하고 있습니다.
하이퍼 인터내셔널은 중국 내에서 많은 일들을 하고 있습니다.

우리는 하이퍼 인터내셔널의 ‘Read and Feed 프로그램’ 에 참가하려 합니다.
학생들은  Read and Feed 프로그램을 통해 후원을 원하는 학생의 가족이나 친구들에게서 후원금을 모을 수 있습니다. 후원을 원하시는 분들은 학생들이 읽어주는 책 한 권마다 후원금을 줄 것인지 혹은 한 번만 후원금을 줄 것인지 결정할 수 있습니다.

학생들은 11월 26일 수요일까지 이에 대한 안내서와 작성서를 집에 가져갈 것입니다. 그리고 그 후 2주 동안 학생들은 책을 읽고, 읽고, 또 읽게 될 것입니다!^^
학생들은 12월 9일 전까지 후원금을 모아 12월 10일 수요일 학교에 가져오면 됩니다.

후원금은 하이퍼 인터내셔널에 기부될 것이고, 하이퍼는 가난한 마을 사람들에게 우리가 전달한 돈으로
어떻게 동물을 사고 기르는 지 훈련시키게 됩니다. SIS는 모아진 후원금으로 어떤 동물을 살 것인지
결정하게 됩니다. 하이퍼는 염소, 닭, 돼지, 소 등을 농부들에게 주고 사육 기술을 가르쳐 주고 있습니다.

아래 홈페이지에 들어가시면 하이퍼 인터내셔널에 대해 좀 더 아실 수 있습니다. (이 사이트는 Read and Feed에 대한 것으로
관련 비디오가 있습니다.)

아래 첨부파일에는 학생들이 필요한 사람들에게 동물을 사서 기부할 수 있는 후원금을 모으기까지의 다섯 단계를 한 눈에 볼 수 있는 그림이 나와 있습니다.

여러분의 지원에 감사드립니다!!
Read to Feed - students find sponsors (steps)

Find Someone Who Vocabulary Review

Students have been studying geometry in math, which is a vocabulary rich unit. In order to practice the vocabulary, the students were given 12 words that they had to find out how to draw correctly. They needed to ask different peers to explain to them how to draw the question being asked. For example, one box might as to draw an acute angle. Another box asked to draw an equilateral triangle. This was not only good practice for our vocabulary, but also for how to correctly draw polygons and angles. Below are pictures of the students completing the activity. IMG_0642

Happy Halloween!

Students came to school today excited to share their costumes and see what others had dressed up as. Our school was transformed into quite the Halloween extravaganza and 5C’s room was no exception. Students entered a dark room, where we explored the history of Halloween, and the transformation to the costume and kid friendly Halloween we celebrate today.

In writing, students used Halloween to inspire them to write a poem. Students used a variety of types of poems to share their piece. They will be publishing their poem on their blog.

In math this week, we started our geometry unit, just in time for us to create spooky tessellations, which used Halloween images, or colors. We will also be posting these creations on our blogs.Below are pictures of us working on our poems and tessellations.

We had a fantastic Halloween, thanks to the PSA and Halloween committee. The Gecko Theater was transformed into a spooktacular space. We also had 4 fun activities that we got to partake in. Below are some pictures.


Cultural Universals

Grade 5 students will be starting our first social studies unit in the coming weeks, Civilizations. To kick start our exploration into what caused civilizations to form, what makes them successful and what leads to failure, all grade 5 students came together to explore and learn about cultural universals. The cultural universals are an element, pattern, trait or institution that is found across all cultures, even dating back to mankind’s first true civilizations. Using the e-space’s idea paint, they brainstormed examples for the cultural universals that they are familiar with.

Students continued to build on their understanding, and to find examples of the cultural universals during our field trip on Thursday to the Shenzhen Museum of History. Students collected pictures as examples of the cultural universals of Shenzhen, with a focus on how the cultural universals have changed throughout time, as well as what factors have caused the change.