Grade 5 Assembly

What an assembly that Grade 5 students put on! The truly telling evidence that they are a collaborative bunch, is that they took the ideas from concept to production independently, and it was a student driven and created assembly. If you were unable to make the show, below is a video that one group put together, showcasing students through our elementary school collaborating.

Also is a video that 5 students help create, to showcase their team work in Minecraft. They were able to build a house in under 4 minutes, and persevered through technical difficulties.

Holiday iPad Expecations

This week grade 4 and 5 students reviewed and discussed expectations for the use and care of their iPad over the school holidays. Please review the “Device Expectations over the Holidays” document with your child and discuss your own expectations for their use and care of the iPad over the upcoming summer holiday. (Please keep in mind that the school issued iPad is considered a ‘learning device’ and even during the summer should still be used as so.)

Some questions to consider in your discussion…

Will we bring the iPad with us when we travel?
How much time should my child be allowed to spend using their iPad during the summer?
What are some educational and creative ways my child could use their iPad?


Grade 5 Lantau Trip

We have an amazing group of learners in our grade 5. After spending two full and long days in the cool and rainy weather on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, they returned this morning eager to reflect upon their learning. Using the Expected Student Learning Results as a guide, the students first grouped in their overnight groups and thought about how the ESLRs were used during our time at the lodge and created a poster. After, they were grouped according to their activity groups and did the same. The students did a “walk-about” to analyze others’ learning.

Writing their reflections on their blogs is a natural next step. The tapping of fingers on the screen demonstrates their desire to reflect and share. We are all proud of their hard work.

Superb Student Led Conferences

Thank you all for coming to support your child in sharing and celebrating their learning throughout the year. Every student did a fantastic job showcasing their learning and organizing their thoughts clearly to ensure effective communication. As a teacher, I am very lucky to have so many students who are always eager to learn and expand their knowledge. Their stellar independent learning skills shined during their conferences. I can also genuinely say that every single child in the 5C is so fortunate to have parents who are supportive and engaged in their child’s learning, and there is no better example for this, than today. Thank you students for your hard work today students, and thank you parents for your support.

Riddles to the Treasure

During the September assembly that fifth grade hosted, students shared a video that they created, which demonstrated collaborators in action. The film, titled, “Riddles to the Treasure,” depicted two teams who attempted to solve riddles. One team struggled to collaborate to solve the clues, while the other team was a perfect example as to what it takes to collaborate to solve problems and work together. The filming, writing and editing was all done by the students, which was really the true testament to how well students in grade 5 are able to collaborate to achieve an end goal. Please feel free to watch the video here: