ECC Buddy Project

We were fortunate enough to be asked by the Curious Monkeys in ECC1 to help them write poems about the photos that they have been taking.

We met with the Curious Monkeys with a list of questions that we had come up with to interview them about their picture. We will use their answers to help us craft a poem about their picture.

Below are pictures of us working with the Curious Monkeys:

Door Decorating Contest

Thank you 5A for all your hard work in putting together door of fantasy books! It was wonderful being able to see you all work together in your book clubs and as a class to execute your ideas. We had a very busy week, so finding time to decorate our door was difficult.

Here is a photo of our final door:

To see the other doors that were entered into the competition and a breakdown of the standings, please follow the link here. Thank you to STUCO for your help in judging the doors and Mrs. Livingston and the Book Week committee for making this happen!

Book Swap Success!

Thanks to all of you that helped donate and participate in the book swap. From our observations, everyone was able to head home with a variety of interesting books! For more details and pictures about the books swap, please visit the post here created by Lily.

Thank you Lily for all your hard work in putting together the pictures and blog post!


Door Decorating Competition

As part of book week, 5A is partaking in a door decorating competition. The students worked together in the book clubs to pull out important images and messages that they wished to share on our door. They even found a way to connect their books and ideas to tell a story. Below are pictures of the students at work.


Penny Kittle

Dear Grade 5 Parents,

 We would like to invite you to an exciting and unique opportunity to learn from Penny Kittle, from USA.  Penny is a renowned published author and literacy expert.  She will be joining SIS for two days and working alongside our middle and high school teachers as we learn from her expertise about literacy in middle and high school.  

 Penny has also agreed to talk with parents about Adolescent Literacy and how you can support your child in their literacy journey, build enthusiasm with reading and encouraging young writers.  This is an opportunity you will not want to miss!

*** Space is limited so please click on the link in the attached PDF to sign up for this parent learning workshop.

Parent Exchange

Thank you for supporting SIS and your child as you attend this event.


 这是一个非常特别的机会,我们非常欣慰地邀请大家来参加Penny Kittle经验分享会,PennyKittle,美国知名作家,家,程来到SIS给大家分享有关语言学习方面的心得体会,指导各位家长提供有效的方法帮助孩子们提高语言水平。




Parent Exchange

Themes of Our Lives

We have started our memoir writing unit. To begin, we dove into multiple memoir mentor texts, trying to deepen our understanding of what a memoir really is. We started to realize that memoir and personal narratives are very similar, so we looked at more mentor texts to compare and contrast these text types. Below is a venn diagram we constructed together.

Next, we started to read more memoirs to pull out themes that we can apply to our own lives. From here, we have started brainstorming stories that go with these themes. We will continue to analyze more memoirs and their themes, before we start to draft our ideas.

Below are pictures of students working in groups to analyze text themes.

Meeting Our Reading Buddies

5A has started to meet with our reading buddies on every day 8. Reading buddies are a great way for us to help and learn with other members of the school, as well as remind us of the role that we play in school as the oldest members at Parkside.


Today, we were fortunate enough to meet with our buddies and celebrate their work on writing that they have been doing .Our buddies shared their published stories with us and we were able to give them compliments about what they did well.

Afterwards, we were able to read some books with them and talk with them about the reading.