Gallery Walk: Writing About our Reading

In reading, we have been working on a number of strategies and tools to deepen our understanding of our texts. The past week, we have been exploring how we can show evidence from our reading when we write. In order to help us continue to grow as readers, we did a gallery walk with our reading responses. Students put a reading response on their table, and had the opportunity to walk around reading others’ reading responses. This allowed us to not only see the different ways that we are all using evidence to support our ideas, but also to get compliments and feedback about how we can improve our ideas.


After the gallery walk, students had a chance to reflect about what they had read and the feedback they had received. They used this to set a goal for the next day about how to take their writing about reading to the next level.

Lantau Reflection

After our exciting, engaging and tiring trip to Lantau, the students took some time to reflect about the different activities, and think about what they learned from each activity. After walking around and reading their responses, I loved how there was a balance between environmental awareness, biological knowledge and life lessons. Even though we hope that the students come away with a better understanding of their role in the world, we also love to see them make the connections with the ESLRs and their importance in guiding the decisions we make.PhotoGrid_1462330514677

Lantau Reflection

After an exciting two days on Lantau island, students came together on Friday to reflect with their peers about their exciting trip. Since we model the ESLRs daily at school, students were tasked with coming up with examples for how they exhibited the ESLRs during the trip. This reflection is a great way for the students to realize that even when they weren’t learning about our impact on the environment, they were learning about being model citizens. Especially since we stay at a camp, students are expected to complete chores that they may not normally face at home, such as making beds, cleaning trays, deciding who sleeps where, etc.

Below are are of the students working on their posters, and a video from our trip. Be sure to talk with your child about the trip, to see how they think they exhibited the ESLRs.

Grade 5 Lantau Trip

We have an amazing group of learners in our grade 5. After spending two full and long days in the cool and rainy weather on Lantau Island in Hong Kong, they returned this morning eager to reflect upon their learning. Using the Expected Student Learning Results as a guide, the students first grouped in their overnight groups and thought about how the ESLRs were used during our time at the lodge and created a poster. After, they were grouped according to their activity groups and did the same. The students did a “walk-about” to analyze others’ learning.

Writing their reflections on their blogs is a natural next step. The tapping of fingers on the screen demonstrates their desire to reflect and share. We are all proud of their hard work.

Superb Student Led Conferences

Thank you all for coming to support your child in sharing and celebrating their learning throughout the year. Every student did a fantastic job showcasing their learning and organizing their thoughts clearly to ensure effective communication. As a teacher, I am very lucky to have so many students who are always eager to learn and expand their knowledge. Their stellar independent learning skills shined during their conferences. I can also genuinely say that every single child in the 5C is so fortunate to have parents who are supportive and engaged in their child’s learning, and there is no better example for this, than today. Thank you students for your hard work today students, and thank you parents for your support.

Civilizations Reflection

Dear Creative Consultancy Presenters,

After a day full of successful presentations, which informed the nomads about their need to join or form a civilization, it is important for us to take some time to reflect on your learning journey. After taking some time to look at the feedback you received from your peers, you will create a blog post where you will reflect on your strengths, areas for improvement and ideas for next time for each of the four steps of your presentation. The steps that you took to create your presentation were:

  1. Research
  2. Planning (Slide outline)
  3. Keynote Creation
  4. Presentation

For each of these steps, identify one strength and one area for improvement. Then use this to plan how you would do this step next time. Your post should be written using complete sentences, and organized in a way that is easy to read. Please remember to use the blogging guidelines that we have been practicing in class and with Ms. B.


Grade 5 Teachers