Punctuation Police

Today, 5A turned into detectives, aimed at finding how commas are used in writing. Our goal was to find different ways that we can use commas in our writing, and to come up with rules that we can follow when using commas. Together, we explored what we noticed about the comma in the sentence below:

fullsizerender-20We noticed that it was separating two ideas. We realized that each idea could be a sentence, and that the ideas were connected by the word “and.” We wanted to find more examples of the pattern, so we went on a scavenger hunt to find more sentences where a comma connected two complete ideas. We ended up finding these examples:

img_1988img_1989img_1991From these examples, we realized we could also use “but” and “or” to separate the ideas.

Students then went off on their own to find patterns they noticed with commas. We will continue to put together our patterns, and create our rules we notice for using commas. These rules will help us as we deepen our understanding of how to make our ideas clear. Below are pictures of students looking for commas in different texts.