This week, we have started our math workshop. We started off by brainstorming what makes someone a mathematician, quickly realizing that some of the most important traits are that mathematicians try to solve problems multiple ways, use strategies and try their best. Below are a few pictures of students modeling how they are mathematicians while working on a word problem. PhotoGrid_1471423286839

Welcome to 5A!

It was wonderful meeting all 5A students and parents at Meet the Teacher night. We have an exciting year ahead!

AMPed Festival

What a day! Students have been hard at work over the past several months working on their AMPed projects, and today was the day they finally got to share their snapshot of learning with other students, parents and teachers. It was wonderful seeing such a wide variety of projects, and hearing the conversations between learners about their projects. I hope that you all find a way to continue to work on your projects over summer, and continue to be apart of the solutions of the problems around you.

Cold War Musuem

On Wednesday, 5th Grade students were lucky enough to visit the 8th Grade Cold War Museum. 8th grade students put together presentations covering a variety of topics about the Cold War; from the Cuban Missile Crisis and Korean War, to Propaganda and the Space Race. These presentations served as great background knowledge a good starting point for 5th grade students as we start preparing for our upcoming social studies unit, “Peace and Conflict.” PicCollage


This afternoon, grade 4 and 5 learners focused on Design!  Our eLearning Director, John Burns, shared with all of us the many factors that go into designing a presentation that truly inspires the audience.  This is very timely as all of our young designers are either finalizing or beginning a presentation to share key information.  The students were able to immediately apply many of the key learnings.  We all look forward to some amazing thoughtfully designed creations.