Field Trip Reminder

Tomorrow, Thursday, December 8th, the 5th grade students will be heading to Hong Kong to do a PE field trip. Below are some reminders:

  • Please be to the Jingshan sports field by 7:20AM.
  • We will arrive back to school around 5:00PM. We will send a message out when we are about 30 minutes away.
  • No electronics, we will be getting wet.
  • Wear SIS PE shirt
  • Please make sure to pack:
    • passport
    • immigration forms filled out
    • healthy snacks
    • refillable water bottle
    • hiking shoes
    • a change of shoes, socks and clothes
    • towel
    • hat
    • sunscreen
    • bug spray

See you all tomorrow!

Practicing our Presentations

Students have been hard at work researching and creating their presentations that will take place Thursday and Friday. Today was the day where we began to practice, practice, practice! Students practiced in front of a variety of different partners, giving and receiving compliments and feedback to help continue to improve their presentation skills. We are all very excited to share our presentations!

Important Information about December 8th Field Trip

In order for your child to be able to go on the PE field trip on December 8, 2016, you must fill out the medical and emergency contact information from DragonFly, the company that is running the canyoning trip. If it is not filled out, your child cannot go on the trip. The deadline for filling out the form is next week, but to be safe, we want the forms filled out by this Friday. Thank you for your help in this matter.

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