Earth Week is this week!

Earth Week Schedule Monday 18th – Friday 22nd

Monday – “Love Earth Monday”

Each class will receive 10 pieces of square paper. Use this to draw a picture or write a poem about the Earth. We will collect them on Friday and put them together as an “Earth Week Quilt.”

Climate change –

Tuesday – “Reusable Tuesday”

Bring snacks in reusable containers and use reusable utensils. Teachers and students can take photos and tweet them to the hashtag: #SISreuses

Plastic Planet –

Wednesday – “Save Electricity Wednesday”

Try to conserve electricity in school (try to not use lights, A/C, projectors, etc.)

Saving Electricity –

Thursday – “Save Water Thursday”

The focus is saving water. Time yourself taking a shower and see if you can shorten this time. Make sure that turn off the water as you soap up. Turn off the water while you brush your teeth.

10 ways to save water –

Friday – “Saving Paper Friday”

Use recycled paper or one-sided paper, use only 1 paper towel when drying hands, etc.

How to use just 1 paper towel –

Fiji Walkathon – Wednesday, March 23rd

After being inspired about the action that others have taken to change the world, Cadence decided she wanted to help her home nation Fiji after the devastating cyclone Winston left over 120,000 without shelter. Please join us on Wednesday, March 23rd during 4th and 5th grade morning recess by joining in the walkathon she organized by wearing blue and donating 20 RMB. The proceeds will be donated to the Australian Red Cross. For more information about the devastation caused please visit the Australian Red Cross site.  JPEG image-35409C644EEB-1