Welcome back!

In math, we started our new unit, fractions. Students have been working on representing numbers greater than one as mixed numbers and improper fractions. Students used our geometry blocks to create a picture, and find the amount of shapes in their picture. Please be sure to check out the bulletin board outside our classroom to see your child’s work. 20150109-130219.jpg

In science, we started our new unit, Mixtures and Solutions. Students have have conducted a few experiments to deepen their understanding of mixtures and solutions. In the picture below, the students tried to separate the different mixtures that they had created.


In writing, we have begun to start our work on our autobiographies again. Students started to generate stories for the three most important traits that tell who they are.


We were also lucky enough to meet with our reading buddies this week. We had the opportunity to share about our breaks. Since we had written a blog post about our break, we shared our blog posts with our buddies.


Cause and Effect

In order to get ready for our civilizations presentations that will be next week, Ms. Blase prepared a cause and effect mini lesson. Students reviewed what cause and effect is and then had to use connecting words to correctly create a cause and effect sentence.


We’re a Rafter of Thankful Turkeys

Happy Thanksgiving!

The great thing about Thanksgiving, is that everyone can take something away from the message, “Be thankful for what you have.” As learners, we are constantly reflecting about our learning, but today, we reflected about what we are grateful for. Students did this by creating their “thankful turkey.” On each of the feathers, they wrote something that they are thankful for, and explained why they are thankful. The students will be taking a picture of their turkey, and making a blog post to explain the activity and what they are appreciative of. We also will be putting our rafter of turkeys on the bulletin board outside our room. Please be sure to check out our turkeys!

*A rafter is a group of turkeys*

Thankful Turkeys


Metaphors and Personification

Students have been working on bring their poetry to life, with the aim of using sensory details to show their audience who they are. We have learned about different elements of poetry that can enhance sensory details, such as similes. Ms. Blase came in to our class to help us work on how to effectively use metaphors and personification to amplify our poetry. Below are pictures of us creating metaphors and personification. IMG_0613

Edward, a sad farewell

We finished Edward Tulane this week in class. It was bittersweet as we bid farewell to a character that we learned to. What a miraculous journey it was.

When we first read the ending, the class wanted more. So as an ending project, we each made our own ending, and reflected about which ending we liked the most and why. The endings will be hung outside our classroom. The students did such a great job making thoughtful endings. Be sure to check them out!

Below is a collage of us making our endings.


Happy Halloween!

Students came to school today excited to share their costumes and see what others had dressed up as. Our school was transformed into quite the Halloween extravaganza and 5C’s room was no exception. Students entered a dark room, where we explored the history of Halloween, and the transformation to the costume and kid friendly Halloween we celebrate today.

In writing, students used Halloween to inspire them to write a poem. Students used a variety of types of poems to share their piece. They will be publishing their poem on their blog.

In math this week, we started our geometry unit, just in time for us to create spooky tessellations, which used Halloween images, or colors. We will also be posting these creations on our blogs.Below are pictures of us working on our poems and tessellations.

We had a fantastic Halloween, thanks to the PSA and Halloween committee. The Gecko Theater was transformed into a spooktacular space. We also had 4 fun activities that we got to partake in. Below are some pictures.



5C students have started our new unit in writing, poetry. To start off our unit, students generated what they know about poetry, and strategies to use to go from ideas, to poems. This week, students will be writing free verse poetry, of whatever topic they choose. Next week, we will start our work on “I Am From” poetry. Below are pictures of the students working on their poems.

5c students generating ideas for poetry #SISrocks

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Strong Leads

Today, 5C students met with 5A students to look at examples of how authors start personal narratives. Students discussed how writers don’t just write one beginning to their story, they write multiple and choose the one that they think fits best with their story.


Each student chose one piece that they have been working on, and with the help of the partner, wrote multiple leads for their stories, using the types of leads we pulled from our mini lesson. Below is a slideshow of the students working together to create their leads.


Personal Narratives

In writing, students have continued to work on using strategies to generate small moment personal narrative pieces. This week, they also began working with their writing partner, to talk about their writing, share their work and to receive and give feedback. Below is a video of them working with their partners.

Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge

Students have been working diligently throughout the year to become better bloggers, and to use their blogs to display their learning, passions and questions. They have continued to work on making their posts relevant and engaging, by adding media, asking questions, adding details and categorizing their posts. One way that students are going to continue to grow as bloggers, is through the Edublogs Student Blogging Challenge that started last week. Students will be given a task each week to accomplish. Through these tasks, they will not only continue to reinforce blogging and writing etiquette, but also to help our students reach out to other students and teachers around the world. Students have already had comments from Miss W, the organizer of the challenge.

Snip20140317_1Please take a look at our students blogs and the tasks that they are completing throughout the challenge. Students will be categorizing their posts as “Student Blogging Challenge,” to make it easy to view. Ms. Beabout’s “Gecko’s Go Digital” blog is also a great resource to get an idea of what the tasks are.

Happy blogging!