Reviewing What Makes a Good Blog Post

5C students have been busy making their blogs a repository where they share their learning. One of the key components to blogging is making engaging and relevant posts. On Friday, students reviewed what makes a good post with Ms. Beabout, and then chose what they thought was their best post. They are in the process now on reflecting about what makes their blog post engaging and relevant. image


5C has been busy working on their autobiographies in writing this week. To review how to write good leads, all Grade 5 classes met together, read mentor texts and generated ideas about strong leads. After students brainstormed about how to write effective leads, they met with writing partners from other classes to read the beginning of their stories and then hear feedback about how to improve them.

Writing5C also met with our buddies. This time, we were lucky enough to have them come visit us, and see our learning environment.

Reading Buddies

Memoir writing


Today we started our new writing unit, memoirs. To help get a better idea what a memoir is, students looked at examples with their partners and discussed what they noticed, adding their thoughts to our class padlet. These ideas then became the focus to our question, “What is a memoir?”