Students have been using the scientific method to help conduct controlled experiments. Today, we began exploring about evaporation. Using their knowledge of controlled experiments, they planned an experiment to test where water goes when it evaporates. They identified the independent, dependent and control variables to help ensure that they had created a controlled experiment. Afterward, they used their background knowledge to make a hypothesis about their experiment. Tomorrow, students will check their results and reflect on their observations, as well as the validity of their results. PhotoGrid_1453098923334.jpg

Water Planet Vocabulary

We started our new science unit today called “Water Planet.” To get students familiar with some of the vocabulary words of our first investigation, the students got into groups and sorted the words based on meaning. For words they weren’t sure about, they looked up the definition. They then had to explain why they thought that the words were related and drew pictures for each word. PhotoGrid_1448868454199.jpg