Solutions: Where does the solid material go?

In science today, we began to deepen our understanding of mixtures and solutions. We started off comparing mixtures and solutions, realizing that a solution is a mixture where the solid material dissolves. This lead us to our focus question for the lesson, which was “Where does the solid material go when it dissolves in a solution?”

To figure this out, we started by thinking about the claim, “I think that when the salt dissolves, it leaves the water.” The students discussed whether they agreed or disagreed with this claim and why, pulling on their background knowledge about salt water, evaporation and even our field trip to Lantau where we found evaporated salt in the salt water marsh.

Students then began to discuss how we may be able to answer our focus question. We ended up breaking our steps down into the following:

  1. fill a cup with 50 ml of water
  2. use the equal arm balance to weigh the water (after calibrating the equal arm balance!)
  3. add a “scoop” of salt
  4. weigh the salt water solution

We then discussed what our results would tell us about our focus question. If the salt had weight, then it didn’t just “go away” when it dissolves. We found that the salt weighed 3 grams. To be sure that none of the salt had just left the water when it dissolved, we weighed the scoop of salt on its own to find that it weighed exactly 3 grams.

As we move forward, we will continue to work on understanding exactly what is happening when the salt dissolves in the water.

Mixtures and Solutions

Today, we started our mixtures and solutions science unit. This is an exciting unit, where we explore how different substances interact. We started off today by exploring and observing the properties of three solids; gravel, powder and salt. Below are pictures of the students making their observations. Next week, we will add water to our solids to observe how each different substance changes.

Door Decorating Contest

Thank you 5A for all your hard work in putting together door of fantasy books! It was wonderful being able to see you all work together in your book clubs and as a class to execute your ideas. We had a very busy week, so finding time to decorate our door was difficult.

Here is a photo of our final door:

To see the other doors that were entered into the competition and a breakdown of the standings, please follow the link here. Thank you to STUCO for your help in judging the doors and Mrs. Livingston and the Book Week committee for making this happen!

Movers and Shakers Summit

Today was the big day that all the grade 5 students came together to share about their journeys to take action to make the world a better place. Listening to the speeches is always an inspiring event, as it really shows how our mindsets can change to take even the littlest actions to help our world. Great job grade 5 to finding problems, taking action and sharing your stories with us!

Below are some pictures of our students giving their speeches. Parents, your child will also be coming home with a video of their speech on their iPad to share with you.

Book Swap Success!

Thanks to all of you that helped donate and participate in the book swap. From our observations, everyone was able to head home with a variety of interesting books! For more details and pictures about the books swap, please visit the post here created by Lily.

Thank you Lily for all your hard work in putting together the pictures and blog post!


Door Decorating Competition

As part of book week, 5A is partaking in a door decorating competition. The students worked together in the book clubs to pull out important images and messages that they wished to share on our door. They even found a way to connect their books and ideas to tell a story. Below are pictures of the students at work.