This Week So Far

Hello September!

We have have been very busy in 5C this week. While students have been using Edmodo as a digital space to share and demonstrate their learning for the past few weeks, this week students also started to use a new tool; Educreations. Students are able to use this tool to create lessons about ideas, definitions, or concepts, which in turn can be viewed by other students. 5C students learned about divisibility rules, and then demonstrated their understanding of each rule by creating a lesson. Students needed to give a definition and examples for the rule they chose. They then posted their lesson into the same Edmodo post, allowing all students and parents, to access their lessons, should we need assistance with any rules. Please check them out on Edmodo!



In math, students also explored the prime numbers up to 100.


Reading buddies

Today was an exciting day for 5C, we met with our reading buddies from 1A. Students wrote a letter to introduce themselves to their buddies, and then continued to get to know each other and read together. 5c students used a variety of reading strategies they were familiar with to understand their buddies understanding and aid them in their reading. We will be meeting with our buddies every day three.


First Day of School

Dear students and parents, I’m disappointed that we are unable to meet this evening; however, we will be sure to have a wonderful school year.  There are a couple of items that I was going to share with you this evening regarding items to bring to school.  Please bring a water bottle and umbrella.  If possible, an extra water bottle and umbrella that you can leave at school in case you forget one or it starts raining during the school day would be very helpful.  Make sure they are labeled with your name and 5C.  Also, please bring a healthy snack muffin,fruit,yogurt,granola bar,cheese… to help you sustain your energy through the morning.  We will be doing some active team building activities tomorrow afternoon, so please wear or bring tennis shoes.

Tomorrow, I will send home general information, a questionnaire, and the new parent handbook.  I look forward to meeting all of my new learners!