Birthday Parties!

5A has been busy not only deepening our understanding in a variety of concepts, but also busy celebrating birthdays! On Monday, we wished Simona a happy birthday in English, Korean, Chinese and Czech. On Tuesday, we wished Lily a happy birthday in English and Pie. Tomorrow, we will continue our celebrations, as we celebrate Danielle’s birthday. Below are pictures of our celebrations so far!


Lily’s Birthday


Simona’s Birthday

Math Olympiad Tournament

Thank you to AISG for hosting the 2nd annual Math Olympiad Tournament! All 24 5th grade students had a fabulous time working together to solve challenging math problems. All of the teams really put forth their best effort and we were honored to have two our teams place in the top 5. Congratulations to all who participated!

Important Information about December 8th Field Trip

In order for your child to be able to go on the PE field trip on December 8, 2016, you must fill out the medical and emergency contact information from DragonFly, the company that is running the canyoning trip. If it is not filled out, your child cannot go on the trip. The deadline for filling out the form is next week, but to be safe, we want the forms filled out by this Friday. Thank you for your help in this matter.

Code: lexXnnXrItK9

Meeting Our Reading Buddies

5A has started to meet with our reading buddies on every day 8. Reading buddies are a great way for us to help and learn with other members of the school, as well as remind us of the role that we play in school as the oldest members at Parkside.


Today, we were fortunate enough to meet with our buddies and celebrate their work on writing that they have been doing .Our buddies shared their published stories with us and we were able to give them compliments about what they did well.

Afterwards, we were able to read some books with them and talk with them about the reading.