Assembly Practice

5th grade students have been hard at work this week preparing for the first assembly of the year. One of the things that makes the 5th grade assembly special every year is that it is completely student created. Our ESLR focus this month is complex thinkers, and the 5th grade students decided to create a poem, skit and song to show how they are complex thinkers.

Mark your calendars! The assembly is on Wednesday, September 14th from 2:10 to 2:55 in the SPAH.


Food Chains

We have been exploring the different systems on Earth, mainly focusing on the biosphere. We have started to explore the relationships that different organisms have with one another in the woods ecosystem. Using ecosystem cards, students created different food chains within the ecosystem, making note of how the energy was shifting.JPEG image-4E9FB8E42265-1

MAP Testing Starts Monday, August 29th

MAP testing will start next week. 5A’s testing dates are:

  • Monday, August 29th
  • Tuesday, August 30th
  • Wednesday, August 31st

Your child will be using their own iPad for these tests this time. Please make sure that they come to school with their iPad fully charged. Please also make sure that they get a good nights rest and a healthy breakfast.

How do writers plan their ideas?

Today in writing, we explored different ways that we can plan our ideas for our writing. We looked at several examples of how writers use planning, and then used a strategy that worked for us to plan. Some students created outlines of their pieces, others made webs to help plan characters and settings.writinerideas


This week, we have started our math workshop. We started off by brainstorming what makes someone a mathematician, quickly realizing that some of the most important traits are that mathematicians try to solve problems multiple ways, use strategies and try their best. Below are a few pictures of students modeling how they are mathematicians while working on a word problem. PhotoGrid_1471423286839