5th grade studies Georgia O’keefe and Value

In 5th grade we are looking at the work of artist Georgia O’keefe. She changed the way people compose their work by really getting up close with her subjects. The students chose up close pictures of flowers and had to show the progression from one color to another color on each petal and the progression of light to dark which is called value. We also did exercises to prepare for the painting that helped the students visualize light source and color theory. The students are choosing backgrounds of complementary colors to contrast their piece.


4th Grade Collaboration with Home Rooms.

The 4th grade students are making pieces inspired by essays they are writing for their homeroom classes. They are also allowed to choose the medium to work in. Some of the choices are using acrylic paint and pointillism, collage in the style of Eric Carle, and Oil pastel in the style of Jonathan Green and Van Gogh.