100th Day of School

(More pictures to come)

Our KA kiddos came to dressed as they were 100 years old to celebrate the 100th day of school.  We began our celebration of the milestone with an entrance to class in through streamers and a walk on the red carpet.








Throughout the day we did many reading, writing, and math activities.

A collection of 10 stickers in 10 spaces equals 100. (Counting by 10s is also a goal for this math unit)



Putting together a puzzle by counting by 10s….What will the picture be?



With our group we used team work to build a tower with a 100 bowls!



Making our 100th day hats.


Creating our self portrait at 100s years old.  Then we wrote about what we will do/be/look like when we are 100.


Bowling to 100 using addition!




We ended with a certificate and a SMARTIES…..because we are!  Congratulations KA!!!!