Zones and Llama’s



Llama, Llama, Red………

KA has been reading the book Llama, Llama, Red Pajama!  It is one of our favorites.  We even made our own pajamas!  With this book we have discussed all the emotions that are expressed with Llama before going to bed.  This has created great discussions about our feelings which coincides with our discussions with the Zones Of Regulation.  KA has colored a rectangle for each zone Llama is in.  We found Llama expresses all the zones in a short amount of time.  Students have been using these zones throughout the day to share how they are feeling.

Please, use the information sheets sent home today to frequently learn how your child is feeling and share how you are feeling, also.  Remember there is no “bad” zone and we don’t have to move towards the green zone.

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