Part of our KG Wellness unit of inquiry (UOI) is learning about empathy and then showing it to others.  We started by talking about what we think empathy means.  Then we read the book, “Hey, Little Ant.”  This helped us see things differently.  Next, we made up skits with friends to tell stories of showing empathy.  KA then watched a video of empathy that KD shared with us about a momma bear and baby bear.  KA shared how they felt and gave other examples of empathy they have shown.  We ended by adding to our meaning of empathy.


During inquiry time, some students have been learning about detectives.  They have made treasures and clues to find them.  We also learned about “X” marks the spot where a treasure is found on a map.

KA December Events

2 Important things are happening at SIS for KA next week:



For more information contact our Music/Art teacher, Mrs. Lill.

Our KA class party will follow the performance


 Wear your PJs to school December 13th.

Bring a cup for hot chocolate and a stuffed animal.

Stuffed animals will need to stay in backpacks until the afternoon reading time.