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For our UOI Where We Are In Time & Place, KG studied things from the past and how they help us today. To begin with, we each brought in an artifact from the past.  We shared our artifacts with the class.  Our friends either asked questions or had a connection to the artifact.

***Please come back to this page as it will be updated with pictures and information once the final portions of our UOI are completed.

1. Asking Questions~

We explored these items in our classroom for a few days and then asked questions we had about them.  We learned the 6 different question words: who, what, where, why, when, how.  Our questions were written on post-it notes and placed near the items.  Then we asked our questions to those who let us use the artifacts.

2. Asking questions about things from the past~

After reviewing the 6 question words, we created a class chart.  We listed the words in English with Miss Sundquist, Chinese with Ms. May, Korean with Mr. Daniel, and then Mr. Boss wrote them in German (we have 3 kiddos in German class).  We used the chart to look at a variety of pictures from the past.  We wrote our book of questions we had about those pictures.  KA came up with a variety of types of questions.  This allowed them to have really good conversations with their classmates about the pictures and try to ask each other questions.


3. Research Outline of Mother Teresa and The Great Wall~ 

When Mr. Daniel subbed for KA, he introduced a person from the past, Mother Teresa.  The class learned how to generate questions and fill-out a graphic organizer.  Then they read a book about Mother Teresa to see if they could answer Mr. Daniel’s  questions.  Afterwards, the class filled out their own graphic organizer about The Great Wall.  After generating their own questions, they read a book together as a class and tried to answer all their questions.

4. Discovered something of the past we wanted to research~

KG filled out the same graphic organizer using questions they had about their topic of interest about the past.

Airplanes: Jamie, Matthew, Alex, Maxim, Richard

Walt Disney: Emma

Knights: Xavier, Sam, Daisy

Vikings: Hayley, Pegasus

Dinosaurs: Lily, William, Jay, Yiu Yu, Jonas, Evaa

Princess Diana: Olivia, Laurie, Apple, Nina

5. Wrote our own questions to the interest of the past



Students then put their questions into a book at the top of each page.

6. Practiced using QR codes to research videos and books on EPIC about our topics


7. Wrote our findings


After researching their topic’s questions, KA drew pictures to match the answers they put at the bottom of each page.


8. Shared findings and artifact with our group~ To happen soon…..

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