How To Build An Igloo

After reading The Mitten in January, KA asked to turn our loft into an igloo.  We watch a few “how to” videos on how to make an igloo out of ice/snow.

The students decided to use books to trace to make the blocks.


Afterwards, the students hung the paper up on the loft.  They then decided to make lots of snowflakes to decorate the inside.  During the reading of The Mitten students acted it out using pictures of the characters.  They would often act out the book.  KA decided to hang the characters’ pictures inside the igloo.


We ended by listing the steps we used to create our igloo.


It didn’t take long for students to go inside and read in the igloo as soon as it was built.  The igloo is a very popular area in our classroom.  Students read inside, have created restaurants, stores, and houses.


The igloo will be taken down this week and the students will explore what it will be next!

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