Protect The Birds

Outside our windows are lots of trees that birds like to hang-out on.  There were several birds that kept flying into the window.  Students wondered why this happened, what could happen to the birds, and how we could help them.  They decided to make bird protectors to hang on the windows so the birds would know it’s glass and they can’t fly through it.

I Wonder…..

To start off our journey into Sharing the Planet, KA came to school to observe what they thought was in these containers.  Throughout the week they guessed what it could be- a caterpillar or a worm.  We charted our ideas and watched videos.  Then on Friday we discovered that these have similarities of both a caterpillar and a worm……They are silk worms.

KA has enjoyed watching and feeding them.  They’ve grown from eggs and have multiplied.  We’ve watched them spin their webs and we have played with them and cared for them.  KA has even taken them home over the weekends.  We are on our last round of the cycle as some families have taken the last of our eggs home.


Bubble Inventors

KA loves water and creating potions and drinks in recycled water bottles.  On Friday while adding soap to the bottles, students were talking about the bubbles.  One student grabbed a marker lid to see if it would work to make bubbles.  Then the students explored other ways using a variety of recycled materials (marker lids, snack forks, old clue stick containers, etc.) to create bubble makers……As first graders and staff walked by they were amazed at our KA invention.


These are some of our movement words we came up when experimenting: speed, slow, fast, force, push, pull, gravity, skip, jump, reach, leap, run, fly, scoop, bend, fall, spin, roll