KA December Events

2 Important things are happening at SIS for KA next week:



For more information contact our Music/Art teacher, Mrs. Lill.

Our KA class party will follow the performance


 Wear your PJs to school December 13th.

Bring a cup for hot chocolate and a stuffed animal.

Stuffed animals will need to stay in backpacks until the afternoon reading time.



KA has loved using Raz-Kids during reading!  Each student has learned how to operate the app.  A  form with instructions went home for parents.  Please, sign the bottom and return it.  We also learned to use Seesaw with the iPads.  They took pictures and recorded an introduction videos.  Some students have also sent home a few entries they choose of work done in reading/writing.


Super Zimpa Visits KA

KA is learning that we all have super reading powers!  Super Zimpa came to visit while Miss Sundquist was in a meeting.  Super Zimpa talked with Superman and relayed what to teach us and specifics about KA.  Super Zimpa reminded us and then taught us we have Picture Power, Pointer Power, Sound Power, and SNAP Word Power. We then practice practiced these powers while reading books in our reading folders.  Ask your KA kiddo to teach you these powers while they read to you at home.



In KA we are creating through exploration using….


marbles and 3-D shapes to build cities.




Legos to construct cars, airplanes, and houses.



dinosaurs and people to create a fantasy world.  

  a variety of art supplies to make pictures, cards, and airplanes.