Profile of Learning: Risk-Taker

This past week we learned about being risk-takers.  After making Valentine’s Day cards for staff.  KA delivered them around the school.  Many of the people we did not know.  Many of the places we had never been at SIS.  We were brave as we went into the offices at Gateside and Parkside. We enjoyed going into familiar places at Mountainside, like the library and art. Afterwards, students reflected on how it felt to give their cards to others they did not know.  “It made me happy, ‘cus they were happy!” and “I wasn’t scared after walking inside because they smiled at me and thanked me for the card.”


Making Our Valentine Cards


Delivering Our Cards To SIS Staff



Profile of Learning: Inquirer

KA has begun an inquiry journey.  We first learned question words who, what, where, when, why, and how.  Then we read the book Zoom.  This book has no words, but sections of a big picture.  Students used their inquiry skills to continually re-think their idea to determine what the big picture is based on new information and new perspectives given on each page.



Profiles of Learning: Principled & Caring

KA has been learning the PYP profiles of learning.

  1. The first one is PRINCIPLED.  This means doing the right thing.  We read Lily’s Purple Purse.  We talked about what the word means, how it relates to self-control and our rules/routines/classroom agreements,  acted it out, and wrote a reflection at the end of a time we were principled that day.  We did some activities based on the story as well.

2.  This week we are focusing on CARING.  We have learned how this means being kind to others.  We have read the book Ordinary Mary’s Extraordinary Deed.  After talking about how doing a nice thing helps others do nice things because it makes them happy, we explored ways we can do caring acts for others.  Then we drew five things we could do to help someone by showing kindness, such as writing “I Love You” on a card and drawing a picture.  “These cards we are going to give to the person to show happiness.”  From a KA student.


Image result for book ordinary mary


Part of our KG Wellness unit of inquiry (UOI) is learning about empathy and then showing it to others.  We started by talking about what we think empathy means.  Then we read the book, “Hey, Little Ant.”  This helped us see things differently.  Next, we made up skits with friends to tell stories of showing empathy.  KA then watched a video of empathy that KD shared with us about a momma bear and baby bear.  KA shared how they felt and gave other examples of empathy they have shown.  We ended by adding to our meaning of empathy.


During inquiry time, some students have been learning about detectives.  They have made treasures and clues to find them.  We also learned about “X” marks the spot where a treasure is found on a map.

KA December Events

2 Important things are happening at SIS for KA next week:



For more information contact our Music/Art teacher, Mrs. Lill.

Our KA class party will follow the performance


 Wear your PJs to school December 13th.

Bring a cup for hot chocolate and a stuffed animal.

Stuffed animals will need to stay in backpacks until the afternoon reading time.