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Welcome to KA 2018-2019!

Everything KA: Important Information

Arrival-Students will line up at the cones outside the kindergarten classrooms beginning at 7:50am. Upon greeting the children, teachers will bring their lines into the classroom before 8:00. On rainy days, children will enter directly into the classrooms at 7:50am. Main doors lock at 8:05. If your child arrives late, you will need to go to Ms. Anna in the Mountainside office to let you inside. Your child will be noted tardy for that day. This will be reflected on his/her trimester report card.

Absences: If your child will be absent or is sick, please email me along with our TA, Ms. Dai, and Mountainside secretary, Ms. Anna. Please note that if there’s a family vacation, work in advance will not be prepared due to planning in collaboration with other PYP teachers.

Snack- Thank you for bringing healthy snacks in a separate container from their lunch. As a staff we recognize it is not always easy for everyone to prepare a healthy snack everyday. However, it is beneficial for brain development and your child’s energy level. Be sure to discuss the decisions with your child ahead of time. Please make sure to eat a healthy breakfast in the morning- eggs, sausage, bacon, milk, healthy plain yogurt, almond butter. Snack is generally around 9:25, but is flexible depending on the day and the child. 

Lunch- Children start eating lunch at 11:00am. Bring lunch upon school arrival or leave it on the marked table outside of Building 3. School lunches may be purchased and paid for directly through Nom Nom- teachers do not deal with lunch money/purchases. 

Dismissal- Class is over at 3:00. Please wait outside of Building 3 for your child then wave or greet your child’s teacher. For safety reasons, your chid will NOT be dismissed until the teacher sees you. Also- please notify the teacher in advance if your child will go home with someone besides yourself (playdates, or new ayi, etc.). Also, please email myself, Ms. Dai, and Ms. Laurie Chen at lchen@sis.org.cn if your child will NOT ride the bus. 

Student Backpack and Round Trip (Bring Everything Everyday) Folder- Please make sure your child comes to school each day with their backpack and B.E.E. round trip folder. Important information and/or student work will be brought home will be in this folder. At SIS we strongly believe that students must learn responsibility in managing their personal belongings. Therefore, this is your child’s responsibility and should be brought back even if there is nothing inside. I recommend you and your child review school work and other pieces of communication on a daily basis.

Communication of Learning-I will post general class learning along with photos of activities on our KA blog. This blog is accessed within our S.I.S. website. share.sis.org.cn/ksundquist/

Each child will also have their own private ‘Seesaw’ blog post. This will be a portfolio of their learning. Both your child and I will be posting on this blog. I will send information on how to sign up once it is started.

Toys- Please help your child remember that toys are to stay at home. Toys in the classroom tend to be a distraction from learning and can be lost or broken. 

P.E. Class-Please make sure your child is wearing runners/sneakers on PE days.

Birthdays-A child’s birthday is a very exciting event and we would like to celebrate it with you at school. Please e-mail or speak to me if you would like to have a small celebration at school. I will also try to touch bases with you a week prior to your child’s birthday. One cupcake, cookie or piece of cake is all that is needed. Please supply plates, forks, etc. if needed. No gifts or goodie bags should be handed out at school. Invitations for a home birthday party should be distributed outside of school time.

Contacting Teachers- For urgent matters, please contact Ms. Anna in the Mountainside Office, she will find me. If you have a specific question or concern regarding your child, the best form of communication is email. My day is spent with kiddos so if I do not get back to you right away, we are engaging in learning. I will get back to you as soon as I am able to.

Important Contact Information:

Ms. Anna, Mountainside Secretary

Office Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 6100 email: axu@sis.org.cn

Ms. Laurie,Bus Manager and

Parkside Secretary

Office Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext.7101 email: lchen@sis.org.cn

Miss Sundquist, KA Teacher

Class Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 3101

*Please do not call during instructional periods*

email: ksundquist@sis.org.cn

Ms. Dai, KA Teaching Assistant

Class Phone: 755-2669-3669 ext. 3101

*Please do not call during instructional periods*

emaiil: mdai01@sis.org.cn