We had a very busy, but fun month in March!

Signs & Symbols

Part of our UOI focus for Who We Are In Time & Place was signs and symbols.  KA learned that symbols are letters and characters in English, Chinese, German, Italian, Korean, etc.  As a whole class we next created a map of our classroom.  After labeling it, we located signs and symbols in our class.  Then we talked about how to use a map.  We reviewed the “x” marks a spot.  Miss Sundquist and Ms. May hit a treasure in the classroom and placed the “x” on the class map.  Then students went to find the treasure.  We did this a few times.  KA loved finding the treasure and learned spatial awareness through reading a map.

The next portion of this activity was looking at maps of Hong Kong Disney!  Miss Sundquist got them on a recent trip and KA explored how to read it.  Students tried locating items on the map by reading it and found familiar places they had been while there.  After exploring, KA learned some of the signs and symbols on the map and practiced finding those items: bathroom, telephone

Lastly, each student created their own treasure map however they wanted!!!!!  Part of the exercise was to include certain symbols familiar on a  treasure map.  Then they shared them with each other.



Oh, my!  We came to school and you wouldn’t believe what we saw.  In our KA class there were tiny green footprints all over the windows, the chairs were all over the place, the toys were scattered everywhere, and we were left a note from…..a Leprechaun.

KA entered the class and learned what had happened, Students had so much fun exploring everything!  We talked about how the leprechaun only comes on St. Patrick’s day and he’s so fast it’s hard to catch him.  Then KA started talking about how they could create different things to try to catch the leprechaun.  They drew them on large paper and have begun recording them on Seesaw with their partner(s).

Book Week (More Pictures To Come)

Mystery Readers

Story walk with Book Buddies

Books Read in Home Language

Author & Illustrator Visit: (Pre-visit: books read that were written and illustrated by visitors)

Book Door Contest (KA voted and choose Arnie the Doughnut)


Character walk