Using a variety of resources, we explored ways to create 2-D and 3-D shapes and putting shapes together.




100th Day of School

Our Red Carpet Entrance Into Class: We dressed Up Like We Were 100 Years Old

KA Has Been In School For 100 Days


When I Am 100…


Addition Bowling To 100


Counting By 10s To 100- Stickers


100 Day Hats


100 Day Celebration Picture- Count By 10s


Build A Tower With 100 Bowls


YEAH!  We Are 100 Days Smarter!!!!!





Kinders are computer programming!

During the schoolwide initiative week of coding, the children learned to do simple computer programming (coding) by using a robot called a Beebot. The children thought critically, planned, used directionality, counted, and used their number sense. They also worked collaboratively by reflecting on and solving problems as they arose.

Initially, the children needed to understand programming by being the Beebot. First, they programmed their friends to go forward, backward, turn right or turn left with picture cards. Once the children were comfortable programming each other, they tried an App on the ipad called ‘Beebots’. The children then transferred these skills to an actual Beebot and made the Beebot go to different shapes on a grid map.



We have been learning a lot about shapes!  We have learned to sort them, find them in our classroom and throughout SIS, and to put them together to make designs


Estimation Jar

Each week a different student brings home the estimation jar and fills it with the same item.  As a class we estimate how many are inside, count them as we divide the items between us, determine if the number is even or odd, and then see who was closest to the guess.

Making Patterns with Shapes