International Week

KA graphed all the places we are from using flags.  Then we learned about our flags where we were born, where are parents are from, and where we live (China).  Then we colored them.  During free choice we began to make flags out of paper and fly them in the classroom,  We have started putting flags everywhere.  Then we had amazing parents come into our classroom and share about their cultures.  “We did lots of fun activities.  On Friday, we had an all school international day parade!  And Miss Sundquist came back to SIS!”  (a student’s words when asked to reflect on International Day and I shared I would post it on the class blog).




America~ Christmas













Hong Kong






Before the parade!  And Miss Sundquist came…..


Miss Sundquist took this picture of Mr. Daniel to remind him he’s part of our class, now!


Thank you so much for all the parents who came to help us learn about other cultures.  KA enjoyed learning about so many places.


Pumpkin Activities

From the mouths of KA:

We started by asking the question, “How much?”

Then we used a variety of tools to answer the question.  We recorded our answers.

Our friend carved her pumpkin at home and brought it show us.


Then we looked at our two pumpkins and asked, “Which one has the most seeds?”  and “Why?”

We carved the pumpkins after reading pumpkins about them.

After sorting the seeds, our teams counted them to see which pumpkin had the most.  We learned the smallest pumpkin had the most seeds.  Why?  Because the bigger one had more pumpkin inside to fill it up!