August 22

Despite being a wet week, I think the first full week went well. We spent time getting to know one another and get settled in with the classroom routines.

We also started getting into our curriculum. We began our “Living Systems” unit in science by taking a look at what systems are. In reading and writing, we are going over what the workshop model looks like and what the expectations are. In math, we are reviewing the expectations for how we solve problems and explain our thinking.

We also introduced the weekly Interactive Journal on Friday. Every Friday the students will write a letter to their parents telling them all that they learned and did in school that week. Parents then have the opportunity to write a reply back (in any language). At the very least, the entry needs to be signed by a parent showing that it has been read. The Interactive Journals are then returned to school on Monday mornings. Please be asking for this journal every Friday.

This Thursday, August 25 is Curriculum Night for grades 3-5. It starts at 4:30 p.m. in the Gecko Theater. It will last no longer than 5:30 p.m. All parents are invited to come.

2 thoughts on “August 22

  1. Interactive Joirnals are a great practice. Glad to see that our kids enjoy learning a lot! Thank you so much Miss Terrell!

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