November 28

Tomorrow is the unit 3 math test on division.

  • The kids need to make sure they know how to use the words divisor, dividend, quotient, and remainder.
  • They also need to know how to solve problems like 5.74 / 2 using base-10 blocks and an algorithm. They then need to be able to explain how the picture and algorithm are related.
  • They need to know the three things to do with a remainder–ignore it, round up, or change it into a fraction/decimal.
    • A group of 347 people have signed up for a bus trip to a football game. Each bus holds a maximum of 42 passengers. How many buses will be needed to take all the people to the game? (round up)
    • Andre and his sisters picked 105 pounds of grapes for their family’s farm stand. They put the same amount of grapes into each of 30 bags. How many pounds of grapes were in each bag? (make a fraction or decimal)
    • Mr. Parker owns The Glass Store. He received a shipment of 144 glass animals. He put an equal number of glass animals on each of 11 display shelves. How many glass animals were on each shelf? (ignore)

Today in social studies, we read a book called, If the World were a Village. We realized that we are among the few privileged people of the world who have access to a lot of resources and opportunities that many people do not. It compelled us to want to use our privilege to help those in need.

The Box of Hope appeal that the PSA is holding right now is a perfect opportunity for us to do this! I have 2 shoe boxes that I would love for us as a class to fill. Tomorrow we will be dividing up what each person can buy for the boxes. Please have these supplies brought to class by Thursday. This is a great opportunity for the kids to put their learning into action.

If you’d like to do a box as a family, I’m providing the information below.

Don’t forget that Friday is the International Parade! Students should come dressed in their national dress. They can bring other clothes to change into after the parade if they want.

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