December 1

Thanks to all of you for sending in the items for the Boxes of Hope! What a great, real-world application to what we’ve been learning in class.

The kids looked fantastic in their national dress today. They had a great time with their buddies.

Friday, December 8 from 11:30 a.m.-12:10 p.m. is 5B’s picture day. We will be taking class photos and individual photos. Please have your child dress appropriately.

We will be starting unit 4 in math next week: adding and subtracting fractions. Click here for the newsletter to read about ways you can help your child with this unit: Unit 4 Newsletter

In reading, we finished reviewing figurative language to help us when we start to analyze poetry next week. In writing, we wrote different types of poems that addressed various stereotypes or were written from different perspectives. We’re looking forward to sharing them with the 10th graders next week to get their feedback.

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