May 8

Important Dates

  • Thursday, 10 May–STUDENT LED CONFERENCES, no school for students
  • Friday, 11 May–SWIMMING
  • Thursday, 17 May, 6:00-8:00 p.m.–ES Art Show, Kinbay, Jingshan Phase 9 Club, Level B4

The results from the eye exam went home last week. Please ask your child if you haven’t gotten them.

Thank you again for supporting your child through the Exhibition. The student groups all took risks and presented well in front of a variety of audiences. It was great to see their passion for their issues shine through!

With the end of Exhibition comes the beginning of our last units. We’ll be starting our Fantasy Book Club unit in reading, our Memoir unit in writing, and our Earth and Sun unit in science. We’ll be finishing up our Volume and Geometry unit in math, as well.

There are a LOT of vocabulary terms in geometry. The students completed a geometry review packet of what they learned in 4th grade for geometry that included a lot of these terms. It would be helpful if the students learned these terms in their home language and reviewed them often. Please ask your child for this packet so you can go over the terms together.

I’m excited for you to come on Thursday to hear from the students at the Student Led Conferences. The kids have been working hard putting their presentations together and gathering their evidence of growth. After your time in my room (or before), you are invited to go to the specialist classes. The teachers all have activities for you and your child to do together. These activities should not last more than 10-20 minutes.

Please enjoy the pictures from the Literacy Lounge and Exhibition.


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