September 3

Important Dates

  • Wednesday, Sept. 5–MAP Test in the afternoon
  • Friday, Sept. 7–MAP Test first thing in the morning
  • Week of Sept. 10–T1 ASAs begin
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19–Parent Teacher Conferences–No school for students
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19–PSA Book Sale
  • Friday, Sept. 21–PL day for teachers–No school for students
  • Monday, Sept. 24–Mid Autumn Festival–No school for students

This week…

In math we are starting our Place Value and Decimal Fractions unit. Click here for information on how you can help your child at home. Unit 1 Newsletter This week we are working on describing patterns we see in multiplying decimal numbers by powers of 10. We are really focusing on explaining our thinking using words and pictures as this is a big part of the math practices.

In reading we are reviewing how readers are thinkers. Students are finding connections, recording reactions, having opinions, making prediction, questioning, visualizing, and writing summaries. After your child reads at home, ask them to do some of these things for you.

In writing we are planning narratives. The students can either write a personal narrative (something that actually happened to them) or a realistic fiction. The story should focus on a small moment where the character makes some kind of a transformation.

In social studies, we are learning about civilizations and how they had various factors in common when they formed. The students have generated a list of factors and will be analyzing them to determine which they think are the most important ones.

Throughout all of these classes, we are looking at the Central Idea of “Systems may evolve from human experiences” in the Who We Are unit. We’ll see how our experiences have changed the different systems there are in the world.

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