September 11

Important Dates

  • Week of Sept. 10–T1 ASAs begin
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19–Parent Teacher Conferences–No school for students
  • Wednesday, Sept. 19–PSA Book Sale
  • Friday, Sept. 21–PL day for teachers–No school for students
  • Monday, Sept. 24–Mid Autumn Festival–No school for students

This week…

In math we are continuing our decimal numbers unit. We worked on converting between all three number forms (standard form, word form, and expanded form) yesterday. We will use number lines to compare and round decimals. We will also be modeling how to add and subtract decimals.

For review, students have videos they can watch on their educreations app in the 5A classroom. These videos are also posted on the Instructional Video page of this blog. This unit’s videos go from “Comparing the Value of Numbers” to “Subtracting Decimals with Place Value Chart”.

In reading, we are starting book clubs! Students will be mixed with other students from all three classes. They will be applying the mini lessons from the week to their book club books. This week’s mini lessons focus on how one part of the story is related to the whole story. They will be identifying story elements (introduction of characters, introduction of setting, problem, character change, theme development, solution) and explaining how it fits with the rest of the story as a whole.


In writing, students are continuing with their narratives. We are working on constructing exciting leads, using descriptive phrases and vocabulary to SHOW not tell the story, and using dialogue correctly.

In social studies, we will be researching how the Incas developed systems based on their human experiences. Then, students will choose another civilization of their choice to research.

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