January 15

Important Dates

  • January 16 – MAP Testing in 5A – Language Usage
  • January 21 – MAP Testing in 5A – Mathematics
  • January 22 – End of Semester 1
  • January 23 – Disco Spirit Day
  • January 25 – Parents can access Semester 1 report cards via SchoolBase
  • January 26 – Discover China Day
  • January 30 – Three Way Conferences (parents, student, teacher) – No school for students
  • January 31 — Chinese New Year Assembly and Celebrations


Our unit on adding and subtracting fractions has begun. Click here for ways on how to help your child during this unit. Unit 4 Newsletter

Reading and Writing

Our units on argumentative texts has started, as well. In reading, students will be analyzing argumentative texts to see if the reasons and evidence are strong and unbiased. They will be gathering research to hold a debate on a given environmental topic.

In writing, students will be researching to write their own persuasive essays based on strong evidence.


We are doing a brief unit studying the distribution of water on Earth and how the different spheres (geosphere, biosphere, atmosphere, and hydrosphere) interact. We made models today on how the water on Earth is distributed and how much of it is actually drinkable. Ask your child what they learned and have them explain the models they made.

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