February 19

So much is happening at SIS!!!!!!

Grade 5 is so excited for our overnight field trip that is quickly approaching. Grade 5 students will go to Hong Kong on March 6, spend two nights at a great facility with grade 5 teachers and Dragonfly staff members, and return to school on March 8. Remember, an informational session will be held today at 5:15 p.m. in the Gecko Theater.

TEDx Youth Jingshan will be holding an extraordinary event with fabulous speakers from SIS, the Shenzhen community, and beyond. You won’t want to miss it!  The event is at Level 5 this Saturday, February 23. Tickets are mandatory. You can purchase tickets HERE.

Also on February 22-23, the FLL robotics team will be in Shanghai to compete in the ACAMIS robotics tournament. We wish these students the best of luck!

Next week on February 26, SIS will have our next STUCO sponsored Spirit Day: “Dream Job Day!” Start thinking about your dream job and what you can wear to school that day to show it off. You can dress up as a doctor, a teacher, an engineer, etc… the choices are endless. Students not participating must wear school uniforms this day.

Lastly, while you’re planning out your wardrobe for Dream Job Day, don’t forget about Book Character Dress Up Day. This will be during Book Week, on March 22. Start making your costumes or searching on Taobao now!

This week…

In math we are working on using models and equations to solve word problems that include multiplying fractions by mixed numbers, mixed numbers by mixed numbers, and viewing multiplication as scaling. Please be asking your child to show you how to draw a picture to show what is happening in problems like 2 1/3 x 1 3/4 (two and one third times 1 and three fourths).

In reading, students are preparing their reasons, evidence, and rebuttals for their debates. These will take place on Thursday. Mr. Sheppard and Mrs. Kuemmerlin will be judging the event.

In writing, students are taking the research they have done in reading and preparing persuasive essays on their debate topics.

In science, students continue to investigate how organisms get energy. Ask your child to show you their mini poster on how he/she gets energy. They are working on the pictures tonight.

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