April 4

Important Dates:

  • Friday, April 5–Qing Ming Holiday, NO SCHOOL for students
  • Monday, April 8–Trimester 3 ASAs start

What we’re doing…

In math, we have started our unit on area, volume, and categorizing 2D shapes. This week we looked at rectangular prisms and how we can find the volume by counting cubes and decomposing the prism into layers. Please click here for how you can help your child during this unit. Next week we will see how this connects to the formula for finding the volume of a rectangular prism, as well as review how to find the area of rectangles. Unit 6 Newsletter

In reading, we’re continuing with our fantasy book club unit. Students have been tracking the internal and external quests for the characters, determining the literal and figurative dragons the characters face, and finding evidence for the themes that are developing.

In writing, we have finished our first drafts of our memoirs. We now need to start revising for strong narrative parts and deep and true essay parts.

In science, we’re continuing with our Earth, Sun, and Stars unit. We looked at the ways that the Earth moves and how this affects the length of day and night. We also supported an argument that gravity pulls objects “down”. Next week we will finish the unit by graphing data and looking for patterns in the length of shadows throughout the day, and the constellations that we see throughout the year.

TEDx @ Jingshan

Congratulations to Emma Lin in 5B and Shian Joo in 5C for a fantastic job at TEDx @ Jingshan. Please view, like, and share their official TEDx talks below.

Don’t forget to check out all the TEDx @ Jingshan speakers by simply searching the keywords “TEDx Jingshan” on YouTube.

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