Instructional Videos



Factor Pairs

Divisibility Rules

Prime and Composite Numbers

Square Numbers and Exponents

Square Roots

Factor Strings and Prime Factorization

Comparing the Value of Digits

Multiplying and Dividing by Powers of 10 Using Exponents

Converting between Metric Units of Measurement

Place Value

Reading and Writing Decimal Numbers

Comparing and Ordering Decimals Using a Number Line

Rounding Using a Number Line

Adding Decimals with Place Value Charts

Subtracting Decimals with Place Value Charts

LearnZillion video on Order of Operations

LearnZillion video on Writing Numerical Expressions

LearnZillion video on Comparing Expressions

Multiplying Decimals with Base 10 Blocks

Multiplying Decimals with Area Models

Multiplying Decimals with Algorithms (Ignore the last 1:35 minutes)

The Compensation Strategy for Multiplying Decimals

Using Base 10 Blocks to Show What Division Means

Recording Base-10 Drawings with the Partial Quotients Algorithm

Area Model of Division

Decimals in the Divisor

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